Is the war between Turkey and Israel interests

Mine Şenocaklı’nın Vatan newspaper, Public International Law, Professor Hasan Koni according to his interview: According to some, we came to the edge of war with Israel, according to some, the U.S. would never allow such a thing does not. In any case in the Middle East crisis between the two regional giants climbing. Public International Law, Professor Hasan Koni at the beginning of the crisis that we agree more: “You see the real crisis of September 20th,” says

What will be on September 20? Vote on the status of Palestinian statehood at the UN. Turkey to recognize the Palestinians, of course. Cilvesine of history would have it, the first state to recognize Israel in 1949, Türkiye’ydi. But even if Israel does not recognize his father been the subject of Palestine! So if you want to see the real crisis will wait 16 days more

Mavi Marmara, while waiting for the apology, the United Nations released a report so that the policy of zero problems with neighbors, nor what was the importance of a balance. The biggest political crisis exploded in recent years. So we have a note that Israel, considered an act of war severed. Ankara, Tel Aviv wiped! In defiance of everything … Especially there is a warning to Israel, may subvert the balance of the entire eastern Mediterranean, as well as bringing in peril of war ships! The smell of the air war, while I looked for the name correctly interpret these developments. No experts on international relations at Istanbul Kültür University Faculty of Law, Professor of Public International Law, I asked Hassan Köni’ye Ankara’s note that they will bring. He was quiet, a little also notes the war between the states and the bluffs are composed of varmayan enforcement measures as someone who knows … As usual, simple, clear my questions answered. Anlaşılmadık There’s nothing left!
Even if the UN report uygulanmazdı favor!

Insidious infiltration of Israel after the UN report to the press in Ankara burned bridges. Obama, “Bedel’s time to pay, saying” Turkey has announced that tougher sanctions. These sanctions are comments brought Turkey to the brink of war with Israel. Is there a danger that you think Sir?

Combated by the criteria of Turkey with Israel is obvious. Israel is behind the Western countries such as Armenia and Greece, there are big brothers. Or Israel of 4 million, 1.5 million, Armenia and Greece, around 11 million head, is it possible to keep? There are both behind the EU, the U.S. lobbies behind the other’s got … All of these Western countries. Askeriyesiyle in Turkey, economy, export-intensive way to Israel as a country within the Western system is not possible to do something. Arab countries have fought three wars with Israel has made so far, what was the result? Dayak ate! But these countries alone beat Israel? America, Britain, France, came to help … Support was given, it was so in this war. So subtract that reviewing the possibility of war.

In other words, the Western countries and America, is located on Israel’s side against Turkey, even if unfair? Because I always speak of how powerful the Israeli lobby in America. In fact, Israel is actually directed by the United States said. These are true, then?

Yes. Businesses in America Amerikası funds generally engaged in the business of money in the hands of the Jewish lobby. Not even in our Israel, the U.S. weapons factory owners or shareholders in the Jews that we receive … There followed a lobby system. Even I in my speech I said, it also accepted the State, I said, ‘This is a very lobitokrasi American democracy. ” In other words, the Greek lobby, the British lobby, the Armenian lobby, the Jewish lobby … Who collects the choice that is gaining a lot of money. Here’s the back of Israel have no such power, even at the UN from time to time or launch their own decisions in favor. To date, caused by Israel’s wars, attacks, both because of the UN General Assembly and the Security Council has decided to close to 100. No one in Israel was taken. In return, what is a criminal, nor a sanction was applied to Israel. America, Britain, France, with vetoes. But often the U.S.! So even if this latest report from the UN sanctions would favor emergence was not possible.

How do you assess progress in Israel in that time?

Israel held the Gaza Strip Cast Lead Operations Goldstone report due out in 2009. There, 400 page 350 page report, Israel’s excessive use of force, and bombing the civilian population is narrated … Finally on the last 50 “They also have posted a rocket,” was called. South African Judge Richard Goldstone Commission report is prepared by the UN, accused Israel of preparing the expense report, and “You antisiyonistsin” they said. Adam, “I am Jew and Siyonistim” he said. The report went to the UN, its veto in the Security Council then for seven görüşülmemesi. So get past the, went over.

Goldstone could not stand the pressures later with a sharp ‘U’ has made a return, but … The Washington Post published a very controversial başyazısının the entrance, “If you knew now what I knew at that time, the Goldstone report, a report would be very different,” he said.

Yes. But like I said, the report went to the Security Council for the implementation, there are seven veto. Done. What else would we! So I arose before the report would be in favor of Turkey?

The result was not change at all?

Of course, not change! Diplomats knows it would be like this. Of course, citizens, day jobs, diesel, gold price, dealing with “how the UN worked Goldstone report? Lo report the results do not change our favor,” he is not able to explain to an analysis. Therefore, according to her need to be told things. “Sir, we do not accept this report!” it said. Well done to Turkey, then!

There are also now a Sir, but … In contrast to the controversial report prepared for the Blue Goldstone report on all aspects of Marmara near the Israeli thesis draws attention to attitude. For instance, “sea blockade imposed on Gaza, Israel is facing the threat is not a disproportionate measure,” it said … Nevertheless, Turkey, Israel, should think that going into battle you say?

Anything else is to be expected … Are in NATO. I watched the beginning of Turkey’s first ‘zero problem with neighbors “policy, missing, or more, I found positive. Why? First, the democratic aspects within yourself to solve the Kurdish problem or görüşmezsiniz görüşürsünüz it apart, but the surroundings have to be in close relations with the countries in the region where the Kurds.
Turkey, Syria, Israel’s policy for works
-In other words, Syria, Iraq and Iran?

Yes. Turkey bayılmıyor these countries. But both need a new economic area in Europe due to economic crises, as well as an area needs to solve its internal problems. Abandon a result, Iran’s “Come Get our petroleum oil mines,” he says. Russia that get very expensive … But now all of a sudden Turkey to act in the case where the dimensions of the power system remains. Libya says what? Demokratikleş! Not? Followed by Syria, “Demokratikleşeceksin” he says. Yet we know that neither Syria nor Libya, nor any Arab country’s democratization is not possible within two months. Even after the democratization of these revolutions are not possible. New structure for the future of democracy will not be devrilse existing governments, there again, sharing a certain size and to go through the hands of elected governments will not be accountable to the public to never … Established with the support of the governments of European countries because these democracies, and who want to serve 3-4 years, then not changing. Like the Middle East, “a term of service will answer, I go,” said Do you have a culture, including Turkey?
Turkey is also working to strengthen Israel!

Turkey’s power system in which you said … What is this system?

Where the power system in the United States and Western countries in the economic, social, political and military in Turkey has been in existence. And now because of the power system that is located in, give up its policy of zero problems with its neighbors watched. To do this, “get democracy in Libya,” he says. However, the events there, especially France because of the desire to extract a share of Western countries as they are economic. Outside the energy regions of China, of course, in an effort to emerge. Here we have seen, most of France in Libya, it tied oils. Turkey joins the conversation, but what was, what was going to see soon. Second, Syria … As Syria’s Kurdish north. There followed the policy of Turkey, who works for because of where the power system? Works for Israel! Because Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah support. At the same time supporting them in Iran. Now the Palestinian state will be announced on September 20. Syria will support a Palestinian state. Hamas and Hezbollah have in the business. They, too, will apply pressure to Israel … If Israel and America does not want the creation of such a state. This is why Syria has to be destabilized. This policy is actually Israel does not? a grasp of all of this mean that we now get to know the Palestinians.

OK, but Turkey already allows the Palestinians?

Palestinian authority, but you know you know, now recognize as a state. Vote on the status of Palestinian statehood at the UN on September 20. If you are not accepted, the Palestinian Authority itself will dissolve and re-start the Middle East, the third intifada and clashes. So now we are living in a crisis, 20 September, will experience a crisis after the second. President Gül says what? “You think of other measures!” says … According to these measures will not in the war, but specified that the Palestinians to recognize the precious son of his great ally, the United States and do not want to do this, if so how? Syria on the one hand you got encounter. Do not you, and troubled relations with Iran. Created by Iran against the Shiite area to another, there are new formations in the Middle East more chaotic. You are in the. But on the other hand çekişiyorsunuz Israel …

So what measures can the President is referring to?

Blue can see of Marmara, and the area in the event of a certain area of ​​a blockade of the eastern Mediterranean can not be an area to cover. This is a … Second, the ship is already in the face of pressure from Israel to Gaza to Egypt and rethink the direction of change in the know. Despite this is an attack. You exit the ship, his men, even ignoring the killing of breath, at least in this part of the UN report on payment of compensation had to be a decision occurs. The UN report, “This is against the sea blockade,” he says, we ignore the killing of people. In fact, this is not new. For example, he kidnapped two Israeli soldiers in Lebanon, bombed Lebanon in 6 months. Used excessive force, killed thousand 400 civilian and military, and we watched. But how they defended? “We are making a legitimate defense,” they said. You kill two soldiers were abducted as a thousand 400 people, 9 of a citizen killed in Turkey react to it? A Look at the logic, this logic is a de … One of the 4 million, the other 74 million country … But, unfortunately, have to take into account the international conjuncture. Otherwise, it is literary talk. In other words, a country of this size even though we can take in the international conjuncture and the West fully behind Israel. And unfortunately, the fact that Turkey can do outside of diplomatic strains that would be something I do not think so.

-The big crisis after September 20 may then can we say? This is a pre-crisis?

So we can say. America tried to reverse this crisis, at least a month. I learn from the newspapers. Israeli media report sızdırmış Palmer. So I think to be pressure on Turkey on September 20, between countries, let’s recognize that we …

-The printing works then? This description is as hard as Obama and Erdogan, who can throw back a step? Is this possible?

I do not know how hard that I swear. But in the end Turkey will recognize Palestine. Erdogan does not make a decision, of course, but they are otherwise discussed. Will be made to persuade. Other sizes will appear.

Like what?

Now, from Syria, at the request of the United States against Iran’s missiles are deployed on a radar system to Turkey, is not? Missile shield ramps will be abroad, surveillance will be here … Came from Russia, “We are uncomfortable with it. Atsın Iranian missiles to Europe, why, even though the missiles against Israel. This is a shield against Russia,” he said. But Turkey also was convinced about it. Prove … So on the one hand and Turkey, yerleştiriyorsun radar system to protect Israel, and Syria on the other hand sıkıştırıyorsun you are justified in a matter of do you see this treatment.

How to get this ship from Turkey, Marmara Blue remove, Turkey, where they stuck into this dilemma, faced by Israel, came to understand him. Here, some antagonistic, there are situations that are opposite each other seems to me … Israel on the one hand, because the big boss girişiyorsun protective actions under American pressure, on the other hand çatışıyorsun Israel. Do not have an attitude where you think the opposite to each other?

Yes, but on the contrary, after placement of missile radar system to Israel, Turkey was the stronger comments …

They are totally cheating. Güçlendirilmiyor against Israel, Turkey. Rather, these are moves to protect Israel. Missile shield against whom? Against Iran. Iran, against whom? Against Israel …
Middle East and the rise of terrorism in Turkey

Then we will consider how what is happening? Where the true state of affairs? Turkey will choose to side of the law is fully with the United States will take place on Israel’s side? Solving the Kurdish issue in the name of the …

Middle East completely confused. Unrest in the Middle East because of our friends in the West! Come to the Middle East, Russia or China saying a word, “democratization,” said Do you hear? NATO aircraft hit Libya. Prime Minister Erdogan said was true. What did he say? “Does such nonsense ahoy! NATO in Libya, what is he doing? NATO, which is a member of one of the countries of intervention in case of such a thing can be raised. Furthermore, how can intervene in Libya? Turkey, we are against it. Such a thing taboo, such a thing is unthinkable, “he said.

But I talked about, thought … NATO planes struck Libya … NATO-backed dissidents seized Tripoli. Gaddafi’s son was delivered …

Exactly … NATO, an organization that was established against the Soviet Union. That’s right, but these places that the power system is destabilized. Perhaps China, forcing it against the petroleum exploration and other developments, all of which are followed in order to rearrange the Arab world. But these are by the Western world, ie, the power system is done by our allies and were reviewed. And Turkey also have to comply with it. Ha, now critical of this policy, the opposition is in power do not fit in it? He also forced to comply. Until now, 60-70 years fulfilled the requirements on. Mecbursunuz, so this system.

Do not have a chance to go outside of this system?

Very difficult. No, no. Are you getting out of journalism sells ice cream?

74 million population would not be proud of

-By God, if I am very obliged, because of my pride, I think I do … Do you have the luxury of Turkey to do it, but I do not know …

I told you in this business; 74 million population would not be proud of. These relationships are not as personal dismissed. Population will think.

So would not it be like to lick this little spat? Erdogan is also a leader in providing emotional decisions. One Minute’da saw it, saw the Blue Sea of ​​Marmara … This will take place at the same table with Israel until the hard explanations, then how?

The government, the public and the enforcement of this kind in terms of diplomacy, to make descriptions of the event. I by U.S. President Johnson sent to Prime Minister İsmet İnönü in 1964 in order to prevent the intervention of Turkey in Cyprus and I remember a letter written in a rude manner. When that famous letter to Johnson İnönü, “A new world is established and there find their way to Turkey,” he said. What happened? Inonu’s government went down hill after 6 months … All of these developments, so that should be taken into account the developments. State of public opinion to another, other than the actual real policies. This is so exciting in September. Especially after they are announced on September 20 Palestinian state of terror in the Middle East rises …

In Turkey, of course?

Of course … Also rises in Turkey.

So what happened in 1964, İnönü government, the AK Party government could happen? Do you see such a danger?

Commenting after the UN report on Turkey in American foreign affairs officials and those who analyze, “other dimensions of this crisis may become true,” he says. I mean it is implicitly understood to speak. Is Threat, Is another development, what is not clear. But I also hope the two countries face an intermediate solution is found, kızartmayacak … Look, the Kurdish Congress meets. All the Western countries, Mexico agree … These countries have a support Kurds. Autonomy seems to be announced. Pursue the PKK, PJAK’la fighting against Iran. No, this not come up with a situation so complex and intertwined. This situation is very disturbing …

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